PHOTOS: Belgrade Airport nighttime race


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport played host to a night-time runway race early on Sunday morning, with 600 participants taking part. The BEG5KRunwayRun event began at 01.30 local time, following the departure of the last aircraft of the evening - an Aeroflot jet bound for Moscow. The race began near the de-icing platform at the airport, with participants then entering the runway. The track included three laps down part of the runway and the parallel taxiway. A Notice to Airmen was issued, indicating that the airport was closed for some three hours overnight as the race and subsequent security checks took place. The first to cross the finishing line was Nemanja Cerovac in eighteen minutes, while the first female to pass the finishing mark was Serbian middle-distance runner Amela Terzić.


  1. Anonymous14:44

    I see they started from the de-icing platform. Did they use the deicing liquid in stead of water? :D

  2. Anonymous14:52

    Wow what a nice event

  3. Anonymous16:32

    OT, but talking about BEG and new runway and rail service to city. see link>

  4. Really cool event. Whose idea was this?

    1. Anonymous18:04

      Belgrade Marathon organisers.

    2. Anonymous05:19

      Copy-cat Budapest, Luton, Gdansk etc etc. A stupid reason to close an airport for.

  5. JU520 BEGLAX21:08

    Great pictures! Will be there next year with AC ZRH Manager

  6. Nemanja finished race with time just over 16 minutes. Well done to everyone participated, and to the organizers!
    Све најбоље!

  7. well done all great for airport to organise


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