Montenegro Airlines celebrates 24th anniversary


Montenegro Airlines is today marking its 24th anniversary. The company was founded on October 24, 1994 by the then Federal government of Yugoslavia. The airline purchased its first aircraft, a Fokker 28 jet named Lovćen, in 1996 after which it commenced scheduled flights. Over the years the airline has modernised its fleet and expanded its route network. The Montenegrin government is now considering its privatisation. Despite financial hardship over the past few years, the airline says its business has improved in the past twelve months and the carrier is on course to register its busiest year on record, with 620.000 passengers expected to be handled by the end of 2018. To mark the occasion, all travellers purchasing tickets with Montenegro Airlines at their representative offices or via their call centre today will be exempt from paying the passenger service charge, which ranges between seven and fifty euros, depending on the destination. In a statement, the carrier said, "Thanks to the trust and loyalty of our passengers over the past 24 years, Montenegro Airlines has become a recognisable brand and a regional leader. We are proud of the record results achieved this year".

Montenegro Airlines ad, October 1999


  1. Anonymous13:56

    Look at those destinations in 1999 :) blast from the past.

    1. Anonymous18:15

      Both Ljubljana nad Maribor! Why?! :)

    2. Anonymous19:58

      If i remember correctly, one was served from Belgrade and the other from Podgorica. YM had a base in BEG up till 2006.

    3. Anonymous20:09

      Ah ok :)

  2. Anonymous17:35

    4K going to take over MGX:

  3. Anonymous15:05

    Cestitke vama,budite i dalje kvalitetni i u najboljem mogucem zdravlju.


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