Ryanair to launch new Zadar flights


Ryanair will be introducing new flights to its seasonal base in Zadar, with three new German destinations. In addition to the recently announced new service from Prague, the budget airline will launch seasonal flights from Hamburg, Cologne and Nuremberg to Zadar. "The flights are scheduled to launch in April and will operate twice per week as part of our 2019 summer schedule. Our passengers can already book these three new routes. Our complete flight schedule for Zadar will follow shortly", Ryanair's Sales and Marketing Executive, Ivana Hanjs, said. During the 2018 summer season, Ryanair offered fourteen routes out of Zadar in total, including three launched during the season to Bremen, Frankfurt and Memmingen. "We look forward to further growing our Croatian routes, traffic and tourism in the coming years", Ryanair said.

RouteLaunch date
Hamburg - Zadar01.04.2019
Cologne - Zadar03.04.2019
Nuremberg - Zadar04.04.2019
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  1. Anonymous10:33

    Great! Together with Laudamotion it´s the 4th new route to be added within a few days from Ryanair. Can ZAD and SPU combined hit 6 Million PAx by 2025? is that possible?

    1. Anonymous10:38

      Not with the current trend at ZAD.

    2. Anonymous10:40

      Maybe you should check Zadar's latest results and the growth they have.

    3. Anonymous10:40

      ZAD grew 19% in September. August and July where largely affected by the strikes in Ryanair where they cancelled numerous flights. YOY ZAD will have a growth.

    4. Anonymous11:11

      I doubt growth will be big in winter and with three negative months this year...

    5. Anonymous16:04

      From all the new routes for next summer season until now most are to ZAD

      Rotterdam - ZAD (transavia)
      Stuttgart - ZAD (Lauda)
      These three
      Bremen with Germania

      I just don't understand why ryanair never started flights to Eindhoven they fly to every single country in the área around the Netherlands so Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France, UK, Ireland just not to the Netherlands I am sure 4 x per week to Eindhoven would be a big hit. Dutch people love Croatia and it is a much bigger market than for example Belgium, Sweden or Denmark. Dusseldorf Weeze is almost impossible to reach with public transportation from the Netherlands so ... they should definitely start EIN as well they could compete very well against Transavia.

    6. Anonymous16:45

      Cause Dutch people travel in their caravans to Croatia :P

    7. Anonymous19:42

      And all 18 routes from Zadar next year are currently timetabled to be operated by a non based plane

    8. Anonymous19:41

      Exactly what, they're officially closing the base for the next year. Typical RYR shit

  2. Anonymous11:29

    It was high time for ZAD to grow! BRAVO BRAVO!

    However, if there will be an airport in Bihać, then it will be very difficult to attract new airlines.

    1. Tebi je, naravno, jasno koji putnici generiraju promet na ZAD?
      A aerodrom u Bihacu je izgledan koliko i luka u Neumu.

    2. Anonymous14:52

      A теби све неки негативни примери из Босне. Немаш ништа из твоје државе?

  3. Anonymous13:06

    Bravo Hrvatska!


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