easyJet to launch new Pula service


Low cost carrier easyJet will introduce seasonal flights between Amsterdam and Pula next year, the head of the Istria Tourist Board, Denis Ivošević, has said. Furthermore, the carrier will add frequencies on some of its existing seasonal services to the Croatian coastal city over the summer. The no frills airline plans to carry some 57.000 passengers on its flights to and from Pula next year, which is up by some 11.000 on 2018. This year, easyJet launched new flights from Milan, Basel, London Southend and Liverpool to Pula. Ticket sales for the new Amsterdam service are expected to begin this month.


  1. Anonymous10:38


  2. Anonymous10:59

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous11:07

    Nice! So airlines are slowly beginning to announce new flights for SS 2019. Sun D´Or yesterady also announced TLV-DBV.

  4. Anonymous11:09

    JET2, Lauda, Volotea and now new U2 service.
    BRAVO PUY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is only unpleasant news for Trieste and Ljubljana.

    1. Anonymous11:44

      Which new Volotea service? Volotea already introduced a flight last year.

    2. Anonymous11:51


  5. Anonymous11:43

    So we will have Transavia, OU and U2 from Amsterdam... hoping that KLM will also introduce flights to PUY one day.

    1. Anonymous11:52

      Its not Transavia, it’s TUI NL

  6. Anonymous16:19

    Nice but add Italy too.

  7. Anonymous16:22

    Bravo Istra

  8. So very intresing, Croatia Airline, TUIfly, Cityjet and now easyJet are flying to/from Amsterdam...

    1. Anonymous16:32

      Boring, give me something else.

  9. Anonymous08:46

    My job as pilot in Easy jet emotionally, physically, and mentally draining me,It Just Isn’t Sustainable
    I should go back to my old job as pilot in Volotea Airlines,in my old bird the awesome Boeing717-200(rebranded McDonnell Douglas MD-95)and i love to fly with my father who is the captain in the same type of aircraft.

  10. Anonymous11:57

    i ja sam bio zadovoljan sa radnim uslovima i personalom kao Aviomehanicar u Volotea Airlines veoma pozitivna atmosfera rada .
    Sad radim u Hrvatskoj losiji uslovi rada ali sam u mojoj domovini.

  11. Anonymous12:05

    Najbolji posao u bivsem JAT airways je bio pilot na DC-9,veoma moderna verzija tog aviona danas je Boeing717-200 ,snazan,kompaktan i lako upravljiv avion i dok pilotitate sa njim osjecate se fantasticno,dok su kod Airbus 319 i 320 ima sporije i nepreciznije reakcije i jako zamara Pilota kad je lose vrijeme,odobito kisa i vjetar.

  12. Anonymous15:07

    The Boeing717-200 aircraft has very respectable and high quality engines made by Rolls-Royce England
    the Wings are made by Halla Group of America
    the very sleek Fuselage s made by Alenia of Italy
    the Tail and Horizontal Stabiliser made by ShinMaywa of Japan 111
    the Nose and Cockpit Airlines Manufacturing Division

  13. Anonymous07:23

    pazite se decki Aerodrom Pula je veoma opasan za ljetjeti kad je nevrijeme, jak vjetar i kisa.


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