Pristina Airport handles two-millionth passenger


Pristina Airport welcomed its two-millionth traveller today marking the first time it has managed to reach such a milestone in a single year. The airport's passenger growth rate has avaraged over 13% so far this year. "We are committed to ending this year successfully with over two million passengers. We believe that the ongoing process of our runway extension and category upgrade will have a positive effect on the decisions of our airline partners and their long-term plans for Pristina Airport", General Manager, Haldun Firat Kokturk, said. The airport's busiest carrier, Germania, announced last month it would open a base in the city next April.


  1. Anonymous11:37

    Unbelievable!! BRAVO PRN!
    If the trend continues in 2019, we might even see 3 million by 2020.
    I think it's time for SKP to seriously gear up and act fast.

    1. SKP is doing great. Both PRN and SKP can be successful and stay competitive.
      This is not a zero-sum game.

    2. Anonymous13:16

      +1 Visit Kosovo

  2. Runway extension and category upgrade are a necessity as witnessed the last few days, including this morning. Aircraft flying for hours over PRN waiting for the fog to clear.

    Otherwise, 2 million passengers was reached ahead of original projections. The size of the terminal was criticized by some, but I think it's now clear that Limak made the right call. Their concession runs until 2032 so 4 million passenger capacity is not utopian.

  3. Anonymous16:22

    Urime Prishtina!

  4. Anonymous21:45

    What has built that airport and when?


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