Adria hiring Sukhoi pilots


Adria Airways is seeking captains and first officers for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. The Slovenian carrier, which is expected to firm up fifteen of the jets later this month, is likely to take delivery of the first SSJ100 this April. The application deadline for both positions has been set for February 28. Terms, requirements and the application form for the captain position can be found here, while further information for the first officer role can be viewed here. The arrival of the Superjet 100 will mark the first time the Slovenian carrier will operate Russian manufactured aircraft in its 57-year history.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    So Sukhois are coming after all.

  2. Anonymous10:43

    Aha, so they are looking for SSJ type rated pilots? That's probably the second rarest type rating out there, the first one being SAAB.

    Weird strategy: they will have a couple of dozens airplanes, majority of them grounded, and somehow they are still in the business.

    1. Anonymous10:54


    2. Anonymous13:07

      operational 135 of 147 delivered and 295 ordered

    3. Anonymous14:17

      Aircraft grounded by airlines:
      Cityjet 6
      Armavia 1
      IrAero 1
      Aeroflot 4
      Interjet 12
      Yamal Airlines 2
      Yakutia 1
      Sky Aviation 2
      Bural 2

    4. Anonymous14:22

      Oh yeah, mate. I completely forget about the Mexicans!

      It seems that they had an unpleasant experience as there was a defect in the stabiliser nodes.

    5. Anonymous18:03

      Why you forgot to paste this?

      Do you want to say that 100% of B787 family are all operated currently?

    6. Anonymous18:09

      Sure, but 787 airlines always have option to change to GEnx engine, which is trouble-free, as the issue is only with RR Trent engines.

      Unlike SSJ, where the option is to switch aircraft type - CRJ (SN), A320 (InterJet), ...

    7. Anonymous18:32

      Most of SSJ aircraft are fit and flying. Please don't forget to mention that.

    8. Anonymous20:32

      Of course they are. Name one airline that has talked about withdrawing their entire fleet of 787 (what Interjet is talking about) or has stored their entire fleet of 2-3 year old 787 (which is what Cityjet has done).

  3. Anonymous10:53

    ma totalno bezvezni odabir aviona..gdje su to nasli? ne razumijem..pored CRJ koji se kao odlican pokazao..A320 provjeren odavno.
    Takvu privatizaciju ne zelim nikome..
    gledate li vi u OU sto se u susjedstvu dogadja? nemojte takav ili taj model prekopirati..ili je vec prekasno?

  4. Anonymous11:09

    When we talk about Adria, this confirms absolutely nothing :)
    I mean, if they can open & close base in 2 months, they could publish ad for pilots, even hire them and then never take the planes :)

  5. Anonymous11:45

    The SuperJet is becoming more popular.
    The reputation of the jet is now nearly impeccable.
    Thank you comrades from Adria for giving this project more hope.

    1. LOL, are you for real or just trolling the unfortunate souls of JP employees?

  6. Anonymous12:32

    The problem with JP is that only management is in on the scam. They come up with a new scam and ops, HR and others have to go with the flow (hiring pilots for non existing planes negotiating with Teheran and Dubai for fantasy routes, hiring pilots for planes that no one uses etc). Adria is a new episode od The Monthy Python.

    1. Anonymous13:00

      Can you elaborate a bit how did you come to this conclusions? Guess you used a lot of assumptions?
      What do you think was the reason for not starting Teheran and Dubai routes?
      For what nonexistent planes did the Adria hire staff?

    2. Anonymous13:35

      Na Baltiku leti uspesno kompanija sa SAAB avionima doduse kao kargo. Imaju oni jos dve decenije zivota. Imaju i CRJ masine znaci nije stvar do pilota vec 4K.

    3. Anonymous14:20

      Those aircraft are Saab 340, which are more popular than Saab 2000. Pilots need completely new training to fly one or other.

      Rumours are they have delays in training due to unpaid bills to training provider in Morlaix, France (HOP training center) and pilots couldn’t finish the training.

  7. Anonymous14:39


    Non existing planes are SSJ's. SAAB are planes with non existing crews.

    Teheran and Dubai were one of many PR bombs that 4K dropped on aviation media, in order to artificially produce the feeling that the airline is expanding/turning around. Not one of these PR stunts came true - not one.

    No, no assumptions with me. I look at the facts - mainly, a huge heap of unpaid bills, complete lack of strategy and past 'achivements' by 4K. When you put it together, it spells scam. They are guzzling the money out of JP by the millions. The reason they choose JP for their endeavour is the fact that airlines are high revenue companies.

    1. Anonymous17:35

      Absolutely true. They are scavengers. But also, they are the OWNERS who can do what they want with their assets. The only problem is that Adria is still regarded as the flag carrier /national airline of Slovenia and the well-known leisure airline of the former country, which is neither by now. And judging by 4K business, Adria will never become a new Wizzair or Ryanair, Air Baltic or Lufthansa and will most probably die when they squeeze it out or it may continue vegetating as an irrelevant feeder/leasing company until being euthanized by competition.

  8. Anonymous16:51

    Moskvitch pilots wanted!

  9. Anonymous08:50

    Another spin: Adria is formally not owned by only 4K anymore. After merger with the company STBE (which procured Adria brand some time ago) the latter become a majority owner of the airline. STBE has only one stakeholder, Stefan Beulertz from Malta. So, at the moment, Adria is a maltese airline. :-)

    1. Anonymous11:06

      This airline became soap opera celebrity

  10. Jel se mogu hrvatski MiG piloti preškolovati na Suhoj????

  11. Anonymous15:55

    Cityjet SSJs are now sitting in Dublin, Shannon & Venice gathering dust. Nice airplane to work on but technical support, spare parts availability and technical documents lat it down. You can't run a commercial airline when your aircraft are grounded for weeks because you can't get spare parts. Great pity but if Adria buy them the airline will join the dinosaurs!


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