Saudi Arabian Airlines hiring in Serbia


Saudi Arabian Airlines is hiring new cabin crew members from Serbia willing to relocate to the Kingdom. Requirements include arm reach of 212 cm on tip toes, as well as high school education and an intermediate knowledge of English. Some of the benefits being offered are a tax-free salary, medical treatment and insurance, as well as discount or free of charge tickets. The application deadline has been set for March 27. Each eligible applicant will be invited for a preliminary screening in Belgrade at the Metropol Palace Hotel (Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 69). Further terms and requirements, as well as the application details, can be found here.


  1. Anonymous15:17

    Nice, this is fantastic news especially since Saudi Arabia is a phenomenal place to live.

    1. Anonymous16:26

      It certainly is, as long as you're a Saudi male. Not so much in other cases.

    2. Anonymous18:14

      Where is Sloavio? We miss him. He goes to KSA regularly.
      I would never work there. There are so many documentaries of modern slavery.
      Maybe 3 years to save some money but everything else is so artificial.

    3. Nemjee18:46

      Sloavio had cool posts.

    4. Anonymous18:49

      Those that do the slave work are mostly Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers who often cannot even read and write ...
      Look as flight attendant there you earn money even tax free - thats a whole other Situation.

    5. Anonymous20:38

      Never there, on YouTube there are so many videos of hidden cameras.
      SV itself looks like a decent airline be a client and to work are 2 different stories.

    6. Anonymous22:17

      Romanians and Bulgarians wear diapers while working low pay in production in Western Europe. No need to go to Saudi Arabia for getting treated like s**t !

    7. Saudija je dobra drzava za zivjeti i odgajati djecu.
      Svakako nije drzava za samce u 20tim ili ranim 30tim godinama.

      Ova drzava se mjenja tako brzo da to nije za vjerovati.
      U ovih 5 godina koliko sam ja tu, promjene su drasticne.
      No, hej, njihova drzava. Vode je u smijeru u kojem oni/on zeli.

  2. Anonymous12:50

    It is premature to base your opinion over documentaries!
    Either you have a personal experience or from someone you really trust.

    Saudi Arabia is a wonderful country, people there are nice and hospitable.
    They do respect everyone, and no one can be treated as slave! Unless they want to be treated like ones.

    The country is showing a tremendous development in many aspects and I believe they welcome everyone with open arms.

    * of course, as with any country in the world, you'll have bunch of douches from here and there, but they are minority.

    Cheers from someone lives in KSA.

  3. Anonymous12:46

    Are you paid by KSA also?

  4. Saudi Arabia has got to be one of the worst countries for human rights violations! What the fuck are you all smoking on here??? Public beheadings, Sharia Law, women have to be escorted anywhere tthey go by a man, homosexuality is punishable by death. You all need to get your shit together!!

  5. Anonymous00:46

    I used to work for SV (not in KSA thankfully) and they were the most disorganized company that I ever worked for. In addition, many employees have no idea what they are doing and are hired because they have daddy or uncle working in the company. also if you're not Saudi, you have low or no chances of getting promoted, especially women. The cabin crew supervisor (or cabin manager) is never a woman and always a Saudi male in addition to pursers as well. The routes they fly to Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka etc. are the most difficult passengers ever and literally you will see shit on the floor of the cabin and toilets at best comparing to western carriers where there is at least some amount of decency. There are exception and I met so many wonderful people however I would never, ever work there as cabin crew. If you think this is a glamorous job, then think twice.
    The only glamour you get is when you're on a layover in a 5* hotel (and you spend most of your time sleeping as you just worked a 17 hour flight from JED to LAX and were cleaning shit from the bathroom mirror as someone was not "happy" with the service and decided to take it out on the mirror). Good luck!

  6. Anonymous10:47



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