PHOTOS: Edelweiss starts strong in Ohrid


Swiss leisure carrier Edelweiss Air introduced services between Zurich and Ohrid over the weekend, which will be maintained on a year-round basis. The Swiss International Air Lines subsidiary will initially maintain services once per week, each Saturday, before increasing to two weekly on July 16. "Edelweiss will operate a year-round flight to Ohrid, departing on Saturdays, and an additional flight in July and August, departing on Tuesdays", the company said in a statement. The Lufthansa Group member airline already maintains services to Skopje. A total of 174 passengers arrived on the 174-seat Airbus A320 aircraft from Zurich to Ohrid, while 102 travellers were booked on the return flight.


  1. Anonymous14:53

    Zurich is the european miracle. No matter how many flights there are, all of them are fully booked. 100% LF on inaugural flight is amazing. And there is already Germania od OHD-ZRH and W6 on OHD-BSL.
    The good thing about WK is that there is possibility of connecting via ZRH from OHD to the world. This is especially important in the summer period when there are many concerts and events and lots of Vip’s are coming to the city.

    1. Anonymous15:11

      Well looking at the pictures I would assume the majority are gastos now flying instead of taking the bus.
      And ZRH is the biggest emigration market for Serbians, Kosovars and Macedonians.

    2. Anonymous15:13

      The Asian man on pic 3 sure looks like a gasto :D

  2. Anonymous15:11

    Schedule is much better in winter because flights depart ZRH at 06:55 and depart OHD at 09:45h but 1 weekly flight is simply not enough.
    Current summer one has late evening arrivals which are okay for Asian destinations transfer.

    ZRH is definitely a crazy route. CH is the new ex-Yu :D
    From Serbia there are up to SIX daily rotations from both BEG and INI to ZRH.
    Not to mention BSL/MLH where flights are operated by W6 and sometimes A321 ;D ;D

    1. Anonymous15:19

      06:55 is an awful time of departure. There are almost no public transport connections to the airport and outbound transfers are simply non existent.

  3. Anonymous11:23

    sounds promising indeed!


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