Korean Air cuts first class on Zagreb flights


Korean Air will remove its first class seats on flights between Seoul and Zagreb, along with another 26 international destinations from June. The change is seen as an attempt for the carrier to increase efficiency and maximise profitability on its flights. As of June 1, only 35 routes will offer a first class product. “We decided to apply two class seat options for flights to tourist destinations where there was low demand for first class. We will do our best to minimise the inconvenience of first class passengers and maintain quality service for prestige (business) class passengers”, a Korean Air official said. Korean Air's Airbus A330-200 aircraft currently operating on flights to and from the Croatian capital feature a single row of six first class seats, which are the same as in business, with the point of difference being the service and catering on offer.

Korean Air A330-200 first class cabin


  1. Anonymous13:35

    Oh no, Zagreb needs first class prestige!

  2. Anonymous13:35

    Shame. :(

  3. Anonymous14:08

    so there are no big difference since the seats in prestige and first class are completely the same. Just service is different. I don't see this as big fail, obliviously First Class today is something which is not selling that good anymore.

  4. Anonymous18:32

    Toliko o tome da Zagreb ima potražnju za First class, kako Korean tako i Emirates.

  5. Anonymous19:40

    If those pictures are what "first class" was, then it's not worth it. IMO, first class on a long haul flight must have direct aisle access. Products like Delta One Suites are much more first class, despite technically being classified as biz class.

    1. Anonymous20:45

      I am sure DL will have no problem filling those when they launch JFK to ZAG flights soon.


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