Ljubljana Airport maintains growth


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport handled 170.307 passengers in May representing an increase of 1.8% on the same month last year. This is despite a sharp decline in aircraft movements which stood at 2.908, down 10.1%. During the January – May period, Ljubljana Airport welcomed 670.935 travellers through its doors, up 2.5%. Growth this year is being primarily generated by foreign carriers serving the Slovenian capital.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN103.525 3.1
FEB105.470 6.3
MAR133.641 3.0
APR157.992 0.1
MAY170.307 1.8


  1. Anonymous10:41

    LF must have gone up considerably. Bravo for all carriers, including JP.

    1. Anonymous10:54

      Why that conclusion?

    2. Anonymous11:05

      sharp decline of flights

    3. Anonymous11:14

      But for your claim not the number of flights is important but the amount of seats available. So if select flights are operated by larger aircraft in lower frequency but the number of pax remains the same, the LF will go down for example.

  2. Anonymous12:40

    It really is impressive LJU maintais growth despite all the Adria cuts and cancellation. That proves the airport has a lot of potential. The arrival of BA will also help to rise these numbers, since the tickets are selling so well that on mondays they will be flying with A321. And that despite W6 and U2 flying to 3 other airports in London. There are also finally news that the construction company for new terminal was officially confirmed so works will begin soon. All in all, good news. :)

    1. Anonymous13:50

      Well the first flight costs 77GBP which is really cheap for a flight in the heart of high season 4 weeks before departure.

      I always find it astonishing why people always assume that sending a larger jet is proof of good bookings. I assume that most people here think that BA has planes worth millions of dollars sit around LHR waiting to be taken or swapped randomly. "Oh two passengers more booked" lets take the A321 from behind the hangers :D The enormous capital costs are just for fun, we are not a business :D.

      Even many people cannot believe it, in reality the aircraft flies many rotations a day. If the A321 is coming from -say Madrid, where there is demand and has a time slot back at LHR that can be used for another flight,say LJU, then that aircraft is used.

      A much better indicator is the price that corresponds with the demand, not the aircraft type.

    2. Nemjee17:03

      Even last year growth was mostly fueled by foreign airlines.


      IST 144.282 / 155.631
      CDG 85.633 / 102.441
      AMS 77.041 / 102.178
      TGD 49.577 / 61.416
      WAW 51.768 / 54.248

      Destinations that saw a drop were ZRH, MUC, VIE, BEG, TIA, SKP, PRN, HEL.

    3. Anonymous18:25

      Bring that third TK flight now!!!

  3. Anonymous14:27

    June figures will be interesting to see, with Adria in total operational collapse.


    1. Anonymous15:00

      Take Siol with a pinch of salt. They've been on the frontline of attacks on JP.
      Yesterday they wrote about A319 captain Boštjan Jamšek. There is no Boštjan Jamšek in Adria Airways.

    2. JU520 BEGLAX17:28

      What really sucks is that JP is compensating delays as they are obliged to by law. But its fine, i hve reduced my JP travel by 50% fm 24 to 12 flights a year. Thats how I compensate :-)


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