PHOTOS: ASL France launches Belgrade service


ASL Airlines France inaugurated services between Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Belgrade on Monday, becoming the third carrier to maintain the route. The airline will run two weekly flights between the two capitals on a seasonal summer basis until September 5, with its Boeing 737-700 aircraft. The company previously said, "When you look at the traffic, you can see that in the summer time there is high demand that today's providers - Air Serbia and Air France - cannot totally fulfil. There is an opportunity for us. In terms of offered capacity, we will put 6.500 seats on the market. It is not much compared to the flows that are moving between Paris and Belgrade. We will not disrupt the market. It is an additional offer and, in the summer time, we are targeting a load factor of more than 80%. We think we can reach it. We have to be careful about the pricing so we achieve a good load factor. If we have 80% or above, it will mean we transport over 5.000 people. The target really is the families and visitors moving between the two countries".


  1. Anonymous12:02

    Bravo Belgrade! Bravo Serbia!

  2. Anonymous16:40

    Wish them all the best !


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