PHOTOS: Lufthansa launches Rijeka service


Lufthansa inaugurated flights between Munich and Rijeka on May 25, making it its sixth destination in Croatia. In order to mark the occasion, a formal airport ceremony was held on June 1. "This new route is very important for Rijeka Airport, as well as the entire region, since Lufthansa, as one of Europe's most significant carriers serving 200 destinations with one of the largest fleets in the world, represents one of our key partners in positioning Rijeka and Kvarner as an airline destination. We certainly hope that this is just the beginning of our long and successful cooperation, and that we will welcome Lufthansa aircraft from a number of other destinations in the coming years", Rijeka Airport's Planning and Development Manager, Vedrana Čubranić, said. Lufthansa's Head of Sales for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Peter Pullem, noted, "We are extremely proud to offer our passenger this new service and thus continue expanding our presence on this important market for us. Currently, the Lufthansa Group offers Croatian travellers 220 weekly connections from all the major airports on this market. We at the Lufthansa Group wish to continue offering the best product and service to our passengers and partners in Croatia". Lufthansa's Munich - Rijeka route will run once per week on a seasonal summer basis until October 5. Its partner Croatia Airlines maintains the service on a year-round basis.


  1. Rijeka and Trieste were always, and especially during ex-yu time, similar in size and importance.
    Trieste used to have 2 flights per day to Rome and Milano, Rijeka had two flights per day to Belgrade. They had each also few weekly charters in summer. Today, with " booming " croatian economy and " star development" on all fields, TRS has 7 daily flights to various domestic destinations, RJK has four weekly Turbolet domestic services, TRS has 3 daily LH MUC and RJK has one weekly. Waiting for Bravo Hrvatska guy to comment my post :) :) :)

  2. Anonymous15:37

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. To se kaze slijep kod zdravih ociju

  3. Anonymous16:25

    So good that you can reach Rijeka with air service from Munich !
    I always visit my beloved Losinj but totally hate to use the car and especially through Slovenia where it takes an eternity to reach the Croatian border !
    In future i use the ferry from Krk Island instead of the one south of Opatija .


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