PHOTOS: Eurowings enters Macedonian market


Lufthansa's low cost subsidiary Eurowings launched seasonal flights between Stuttgart and Ohrid yesterday, which will be followed by the introduction of flights from Dusseldorf on July 17. At a welcome ceremony, the General Manager of operator TAV Macedonia, Alper Ersoy, said, "We are very happy to have welcomed the first Eurowings passengers from Stuttgart at Ohrid Airport. Eurowings, which is part of the Lufthansa group, will fly between Stuttgart and Ohrid twice per week, each Monday and Friday, until September 9, while as of July 17 the airline will introduce its second seasonal destination from Ohrid Airport, to Dusseldorf, which will be operated each Wednesday, until the end of August. We expect these two new destinations to increase the number of passengers at Ohrid Airport, as well as the number of German tourists on the beautiful Ohrid Lake. At the same time, the two new destinations will open up new opportunities for local citizens who can choose Eurowings for their travels and benefit from the airline’s extensive network of 210 destinations worldwide, including long haul flights to North America, South America and Asia". Eurowing's Chief Commercial Officer, Oliver Wagner, noted, "We are delighted to offer our passengers new routes to Ohrid over the summer. Tickets are already available from 29.99 euros for one-way flights".


  1. Anonymous10:34

    Good Luck! the success of these two routes will be crucial for opening DUS-SKP or STR-SKP, TAV looks very keen on EW

    Eurowings is definitely trying to reproduce Edelweis' success at OHD

  2. Anonymous11:38

    How interesting..Now Ohrid is connected to more primary airports and connects to LH hubs: AMS, BRU, DUS, STR, TLV, VIE, ZRH

  3. Anonymous14:49

    With all the troubles EW has today lets see how long they will survive in this price oriented market

  4. Anonymous15:45

    what were the loads

    1. Anonymous16:22

      Arriving 132, leaving 22.


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