Israir eyes Sarajevo flights


The Tel Aviv-based Israir Airlines is seeking to establish flights to Sarajevo. The carrier met with the Federal Minister for the Environment and Tourism, Edita Djapo, to discuss the potential service. Israir noted flights between Tel Aviv and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital could attract both tourists and business travellers alike. It added that it has successfully been serving nearby markets including Montenegro, Serbia and Albania. Israir is Israel’s third largest airline behind El Al and Arkia.


  1. Anonymous13:37

    Bad news for TK.

  2. Bosnians need visas for Israel that can be gotten in Zagreb or Belgrade... the procedure isn't complicated and costs 26$, but still one has to go through the hastle of going first to Belgrade and then fly out of Sarajevo...

    1. Israeli embassy in Tirana Albania covers the B&H area.It was weird for my Bosnian friend to be allowed to get visa in Zag, maybe bc he has the residence in Cro .

    2. They allow you to get the visa in whichever consulate is the closest, but I still believe this can be a hindrance for the successful operation of the flights (at least as far as the local population is concerned).

  3. Anonymous17:26

    Most of their flights are operated by Trade Air .


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