JAT Caravelle restoration nears completion


The 56-year-old JAT Yugoslav Airlines Caravelle, registered YU-AHB and christened Bled, which is on display in front of the Aeronautical Museum in Belgrade, is in the process of being restored. The aircraft has been repainted, its seats replaced and the original dashboard from the French manufacturer will soon be delivered to the Serbian capital. Some 10.000 euros have been invested in the aircraft’s restoration. The museum will allow visitors inside the aircraft, once its overhaul is complete, at a price of 100 dinars (85 eurocents). The jet was delivered to JAT in February 1963 and retired in 1976. The Caravelle was donated to the Aeronautical Museum in 1977.

Restored JAT Caravelle interior

Inside JAT's Caravelle, 1960s


  1. Nemjee13:39

    What a fantastic initiative. I passed by it the other day and it's shining from the outside! Hopefully YU-AND is eventually donated to the museum and painted in its original, egg metallic livery.

    1. i also passed by museum 10 days ago and was stunned with the results.
      i'm just wondering how did they did it in the end? i know there were some talks about doing it with totally unconventional methods (štap i kanap)

    2. Anonymous15:19

      Great news indeed! I remember one of my last flights with JAT Caravelle. It had window curtains made of orange fabric, I would love to see that restored.

      Best way to preserve it is to put a roof over it. Museum could use a simple covered hall for civil aviation and future 727 and 737 additions.

  2. Anonymous14:03

    Wow great news :)

  3. Anonymous15:54

    My first flight in 1971 BEG-SPU. Nice.

  4. Anonymous16:38

    It was some food served on board these days...

  5. JU520 BEGLAX18:12

    Thats fantastic news!!!! Bravo BEG
    Will visit next June

  6. Anonymous08:13

    I managed to enter this plane while it was in the phase of renovation.

    Actually, the man on the photo in blue shirt did amazing job and he is the only one who we need to thank that Caravelle will be able to open its door to the public.

    How it looked like before you can see here


    1. Anonymous08:14

      *I managed to enter this plane while it was in the phase of renovation.." and even then it looked great!

  7. my dad beacame captain on SE 210 Caravelle. se probably flew this plane.

  8. Anonymous16:19

    WOW, amazing news! It's an aeroplane that must be renovated and restored for generations to come. Splendid news.


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