Pristina Airport registers busiest month


Pristina Airport has registered its busiest month on record by handling 302.131 passengers, representing an increase of 9.8%. The result was achieved despite several days of flight disruptions resulting from a strike by part of the airport’s employees. Over 2.200 aircraft movements were recorded during the month. During the January - August period, Pristina Airport welcomed 1.641.125 travellers through its doors, an improvement of 11.3% on last year. The airport has added an extra 166.350 passengers so far in 2019.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN168.777 17.1
FEB138.269 11.9
MAR169.108 12.4
APR192.075 8.1
MAY181.931▲ 8.0 
JUN208.821▲ 17.1
JUL280.013▲ 9.2
AUG302.131▲ 9.8


  1. Anonymous12:52

    Curious to see SKP in August with the new routes and extra capacity. The race between two airports is really heating up! :D

  2. Worth noting that this is the first time that PRN records over 300,000 in a single calendar month.

    1. Anonymous14:12

      What is the capacity of PRN?

    2. If I recall correctly, the terminal capacity is 480 passengers per hour, or 11,500 passengers per day, or 4,200,000 passengers per annum.

      The monthly capacity depends on the number of days within a month, but for August that would be ~356,500 passengers. So, some way to go before max capacity is reach for August and to a lesser degree July. But the rest of the year there's a lot more capacity outstanding.

      Also, @admin
      Unless my maths if completely off, in August PRN recorded a 9.96% growth. So, not 9.8% or 9.2% as your table suggests.


      In other words, 9.9637%. And that makes sense considering that August 2019 had 27,376 passengers compared to August 2018, i.e. just short of 10%.

    3. According to the Kosovo Civil Aviation Authority, Pristina Airport handled 275.057 passengers in August 2018. Compared to August 2019, it represents an increase of 9.8430%.

    4. @Admin

      My previous comment has not been published, so my apologies if you receive this twice.

      The official statistics released last summer and at the end of the year matched with the figures you published on your site back in September 2018. However, if these figures have been revised up then I stand corrected.

      Thank you again for getting back to me on this.

  3. Anonymous13:47

    I recently saw that tour operators in Germany are flying German tourists for Albania via PRN on Eurowings.

  4. Anonymous14:46

    This is impressive statistics, considering still no visas for Kosovo or no tourism industry to speak of.

    2.5 million PAX +/- for 2019 seems very likely now.

    I predict 4 mln passengers by 2025.

    1. Anonymous14:53

      Summers are getting busier because more and more people are leaving so there is growing diaspora.

    2. Wrong. Summers are getting busier because it is becoming more and more affordable for the diaspora to just fly to Kosovo instead of driving 10+ hours by driving or waiting at many border crossings. People are not "leaving" Kosovo any more or less than any other Balkan Country and that is a statistical fact.

    3. Anonymous22:47

      Quite the opposite, more and more are leaving so more and more are actually flying back home in summer.

  5. Anonymous05:23

    Belgrade Airport saw 10% passenger growth in August, alltogether 760K pax.

    1. Anonymous07:14

      That's fantastic especially since July and August saw double digit growth. What is the total number so far? Has it passed 4 million?


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