In pictures: Remembering Adria Airways

The Kranj District Court has launched bankruptcy proceedings against Adria Airways after it filed for receivership on Monday. The airline’s Air Operator’s Certificate has been revoked and it has been suspended from IATA Settlment Systems, including the Billing and Settlement Plan and IATA Clearing House. Here is a look at the airline that was:


Adria Airways | 1961 - 2019


  1. Anonymous13:49

    Thank you <3

  2. Anonymous14:06

    Well... sucks to be them. They failed because they mismanaged the company.

  3. Anonymous14:11

    Great memories, great job from the editors. Compliments from Zagreb. Thanks <3

  4. Anonymous14:58

    Oh my...those DC6 and DC8 in the old Inex livery are such a thing of beauty

  5. Anonymous15:12

    I will really miss this airline. Flew them from AMS by LJU to PRN. Had so many good moments onboard with Adria Airways. Hope somebody will retake it and start up with flights:)

  6. Thank you Admin!!

  7. Thank you Adria,Inex-Adria , great memories

  8. Sad to see a memory from my year living in Lj disappearing. Adria was the company I flew everytime I went to Lj.

  9. thank you for posting this, summer of 84 worked at split airport with inex adria charter flights for bemex tours operations great summer memories

  10. Anonymous21:59

    Brilliant content!
    Just shows how history can be sold for a couple of thousand dollars ending in the hand of some wannabe people not appreciating history nor brand name.
    Adria story reminds me a lot of Balkan Bulgarian Airlines. So much history sold to some Israeli guy for cents and literally destroying it in a matter of years...An airline flying to JNB, HRE, KUL, LOS and so much more. Today's successor: a joke.
    JP, you will be missed. The photos posted mean a lot. Hopefully, Slovenia will recover.

    1. Anonymous08:25

      Communism is over. These airlines (including JP), failed because they didn't adjust to today's market demands.

      You think you could fill LJU-JFK or SOF-HRE with a widebody today and make profit? Well, probably even in those days the state owned companies didn't make profit.

      How about somebody post Adria's financial results since day one and we can count on our fingers how many years they haven't made a loss?

    2. @08.25
      You either don't understand what original poster wanted to say, or you deliberately twist his words, similarly and probably with the same goal as croatian president with one type of yoghurt in Yugoslavia. He did not ask Adria to fly to New York neither Air Bulgaria to fly to Harare. He just explained why those companies bankrupted, and why Croatia Airlines is likely to follow. And it has nothing to do with political and economic system because models in Yugoslavia and Bulgaria were much much much different. And it has nothing to do with "communism", especially when we talk about Adria. If there is one single company that tried and tried different models according to different market demands and changed situations, it is Adria. It has to do with one and one thing only : CRIME. Don't understand people still "buying" politician's stories about "communism", especially in ex-yu where we even didn't have it, which they tell us in order to cover for their murky business like selling of Adria to 4K was

  11. Anonymous05:51

    Adria without Yugoslavia made not much sense .
    Ljubljana and surroundings are just 10 percent of the former market.

    The wise ones learn from their mistakes ...
    But the clever ones learn from the mistakes of others !

  12. I hate to see any carrier go.oit of business. It is not fair to the employees, passengers, nor cities they serve because now others have to fill the void they leave behind. Fewer seats means higher fares for those who remain and those who have to fly. Less competition means fewer options especially in a city with limited service.


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