easyJet and Pula Airport ink new deal


Low cost carrier easyJet and Pula Airport have concluded a five-year agreement at the World Travel Market in London this week. The new deal will further strengthen cooperation between the two sides and motivate the airline to continue growing its operations at the airport, particularly towards the UK market. The low cost carrier has launched new routes from Pula year after year. In 2019 it introduced new services from Amsterdam and Geneva to the Croatian coastal city. In total, the airline operates ten routes from Pula on a seasonal summer basis and is one of the airport’s busiest airlines.


  1. Anonymous14:13

    Easyjet should expand in Zadar as well, Amsterdam still missing!

    1. Anonymous20:42

      ZAD AMS is coming in 2020

    2. what is your source for ZAD AMS ??

    3. Anonymous08:46

      Is it? Easyjet or Transavia?

  2. Anonymous14:18

    The best LCC!


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