Serbia makes third attempt to sell Jat Tehnika


Serbia’s Economy Ministry recently invited bids for maintenance company Jat Tehnika for a third time, after no offers were made in June, while September’s call was cancelled due to “certain issues”, which were not specified at the time. The Ministry said it was offering the state’s 99.38% stake in Jat Tehnika at a starting price of 10.3 million euros. The estimated value of the company’s capital is 20.5 million euros. Jat Tehnika was formed as a stand-alone company in 2006 after it separated from Jat Airways. It has a workforce of 1.000 people and is certified to provide full maintenance for the Boeing 737 Classic and Boeing 737NG, ATR 42 and 72 aircraft and all Airbus A320 types. Under terms of the tender, prospective bidders must apply by November 12 at 14.00 CET and prove they are compliant with a set of requirements, including involvement in aircraft maintenance for at least five years and revenues of at least forty million euros in 2018.


  1. Anonymous15:13

    Where is certificate for SSJ100?

    1. You have to have parts first...

  2. Anonymous09:17

    Who gave you a mandate to judge the engineers and mechanics of a successful service exporting company which is Jat Tehnika? Beyond all the problems and politically installed and blackmailed management, they are still doing very fine. The effort of Jat Tehnika professionals is renowned inEurope. ASL Airlines France for example has also made a decision to fly to Belgrade after years of faithful MRO services provided to them by Jat Tehnika. There are also many other success stories, references in Russia, Turkey, UK, Greece...

  3. What the hell is happening here? I know some ex-Boeing guy was running things for government, any info on the status what is vucic aiming at with this 3 tenders in 6 months?

  4. Anonymous09:10

    Do they still do maintenance for JU?


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