Dubrovnik Airport registers strong growth


Dubrovnik Airport handled 56.924 passengers in November, representing an increase of 113.9% on the same month last year. The strong growth is being fuelled by Turkey’s Freebird Airlines which has been contracted by a local tour operator to run two daily flights to a number of European airports, primarily in Germany, throughout the winter season. During the elapsed eleven months, Dubrovnik Airport welcomed 2.861.402 travellers through its doors, up 13.7%. It added an extra 345.229 passengers on 2018.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN26.323 18.1
FEB33.765 40.3
MAR57.880 21.4
APR210.803 39.0
MAY315.037 8.1
JUN415.876 13.8
JUL514.723 8.4
AUG524.615 8.9
SEP405.924 5.1
OCT299.532 22.7
NOV56.924 113.9


  1. Impressive, they are finally dealing with seasonality.

  2. 2,9 million in 2019.

  3. Bravo Hrvatska!

  4. DBV can't stop winning!

  5. 300k pax in October is a serious development. Well done.


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