Pristina Airport maintains growth


Pristina Airport handled 156.005 passengers in November, representing an increase of 2.5% compared to the same month last year. Over the past eleven months, the airport welcomed 2.184.923 travellers through its doors, up 9.9%. It added an extra 196.472 passengers on 2018. This month, Wizz Air will inaugurate flights between Vienna and Pristina, while Eurowings will commence services from Frankfurt.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN168.777 17.1
FEB138.269 11.9
MAR169.108 12.4
APR192.075 8.1
MAY181.931▲ 8.0 
JUN208.821▲ 17.1
JUL280.013▲ 9.2
AUG302.131▲ 9.8
SEP200.532▲ 5.4
OCT187.261▲ 9.8
NOV156.005▲ 2.5


  1. Edelweiss operated its morning ZRH-PRN flight today with A343 (HB-JMD) and it’s early December. It appears that the demise of Germania has impacted Edelweiss numbers on the ZRH-PRN route positively as this year more than ever they have deployed A343 on this route. Based on this trend, such a large bird should be seen at PRN a few more times around Christmas and New Year. Just to be clear, Germania Flug, the Swiss arm of Germania survived and rebranded as Chair Airlines and Albex Aviation has sold 49.99% of shared to Polish Enter Air for ~1.8m EUR (not bad Madame Ibrahimi-Salahi). However, from the day Germania went under Germania Flug lost access to the A321 it utilised on its ZRH-PRN and BSL-PRN route and switched to A319 instead. Hence, it appears that the reduction in Chair Airlines capacity has resulted in more passengers flying Edelweiss. Also, related to this point, is that Enter Air has entered, pardon the pun, the Kosovan market as a result and now operated Air Prishtina’s

    1. Anonymous11:26

      Since these markets are highly price sensitive, what are the price differences between Chair Air and Edelweiss?

    2. Well, ZRH-PRN route is a duopoly so most of the time the price difference is almost non-existent.

      Their real competition comes from BSL (>100km away from ZRH), where 5 companies operate on BSL-PRN (easyJet, Chair, Wizz Air, Orange2Fly, TUI, plus "Zemex Aviation").

      ZRH-PRN route had over 350,000 passengers last year, while BSL/MLS-PRN had over 280,000 passengers. A combined total of 630,000 in the Zurich catchment area.

  2. Anonymous10:45

    Battle between SKP and PRN is heating up. SKP is +10% in Nov. which means it overtook PRN.


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