Wizz Air introduces auto check-in


Wizz Air, which boasts bases in Skopje, Tuzla and Belgrade, has launched a new auto check-in service, allowing customers to obtain boarding passes fifty hours prior to their flight without having to manually check-in. This product has been designed for customers who want to book their tickets and not have to worry about boarding cards. The reservation system will automatically check-in passengers who purchased this service fifty hours before departure, allocate a seat (random or pre-selected) and send the boarding pass by email to the customer. The service can be added during the flight booking or on the itinerary page. Auto check-in is included in the Wizz Plus package, while other passengers can pay a fee starting at 1.50 euros per traveller per flight. Andras Rado, Wizz Air’s Corporate Communications Manager, said, “Time efficiency is extremely important when planning both business and leisure trips. With our new auto check-in service customers can save time by not having to check in and download boarding passes, reducing the burden of admin for a trip. We at Wizz Air continuously monitor consumer trends and keep developing new products and services to make our customers’ journey even smoother”.


  1. Anonymous13:35

    Doesn't AF have the same system?

  2. Anonymous14:34

    Cool idea.

  3. Anonymous16:00

    This is just ridiculous, to pay for check in, plus the website of wizz is from last century, it takes ages to do the check in. Look at Easyjet and learn!

    1. Anonymous17:10

      It is not 'to pay for check in' first of all!!! It is to pay if you don't want to bother yourself with checking in. Makes a difference!!!

      P.S. There is Wizz app that works perfectly!!!

    2. Anonymous22:16

      I dont need an app for such an airline charging for automatic check in!!!
      I hope they close soon, such bad service and unmotivated crew all the time

  4. Anonymous19:42

    What happens if system auto checks you in but 24 hours before the flight you realize you can't make it? Ticket is 100% wasted.

  5. Anonymous21:19

    whats the point of having check-in?

  6. For Christ sake. If you don't want auto check in you stick to the regular online one, and if you want to stop thinking about it and just go and have someone or in this case something(algorithm) do all paperwork for you then you will purchase it.

  7. Anonymous09:44

    Why does the check-in process even exist in 2020?

  8. Anonymous14:05

    Hi there. Did anyone experience problems with the auto check in system? It worked amazing and I found it stress free but here I am nearly two weeks after the flight already happened and I still receive HOURLY emails about my boarding pass being ready/ check in done (obviously I've already used it and done it)... shouldn't it automatically stop when it's done?
    Many thanks x

  9. Len Dierickx10:34

    The auto checking featured sounded great, though it didn't work.
    Basically a scam as they are chargin money for something that did not work.

    I reported it to the support and the just answered that they do not provide any refunds.
    Unaccaptable, they did not provide the service, so a refund is the only sensible thing to do.


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