Ohrid Airport closes


Ohrid’s St Paul the Apostle Airport has been closed following a decision adopted by the Macedonian government in an attempt to limit the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak. TAV Macedonia has informed all airlines operating to the airport of the decision and has proposed for carriers to divert their flights to Skopje instead.


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    After MXP flights were canceled, no medical crew is available to check the passengers at the airport.
    So one would say it is even a bit late.

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      There were no thermo cameras at the airport, only two medical personnel with regular thermometers.

      And they were only checking the MXP flights.After those were cancelled, no one was checking the others.

      Also, it was orderes to the airlines to give passengers some form of arrival questionairre to fill, but some just didn't give them.That's why yesterdays DTM boarding was more than hour late...


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