Montenegro Airlines to resume operations


Montenegro Airlines will resume commercial flights on June 12 with services from Podgorica to Ljubljana. Flights will initially run three times per week, each Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. This will be followed by Frankfurt on June 14 with two weekly rotations. Services to Vienna will resume on June 15, Paris on June 16, Zurich the day after, as well as Copenhagen and Dusseldorf from June 20. Operations from Tivat will be reinstated from June 21, with flights to Munich and Hannover. Earlier today the carrier’s CEO noted the company was incurring significant losses due to its inability to resume its most profitable route to Belgrade. Services to the Serbian capital were initially to restart at the beginning of June. Montenegro Airlines suspended commercial operations on March 16 due to the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

June 12 - June 21 operations (correct as of June 5)

Departing Podgorica

DestinationResumption date
LjubljanaJune 12
FrankfurtJune 14
ViennaJune 15
ParisJune 16
ZurichJune 17
Copenhagen, DusseldorfJune 20

Departing Tivat

DestinationResumption date
Munich, HannoverJune 21


  1. Anonymous23:25

    Happy for LJU and YM. I think they compensate BEG with Germany until the borders are reopened. Closing the border with Serbia was not the best decision. After all, Serbia also open its borders with all of its neighbours. A lesson to be learned.

    1. Anonymous07:36

      Demand is collapsing all around and Germans are not crazy about going on holidays especially since 600.000 lost their jobs and 7 million are on Kurzarbeit. In stead of working hard to get Serbian tourists from Greece, they go around closing their borders. We are 06.06.2020 today, June is lost for them.

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