Helvetic to operate pop-up flights to Brač, Dubrovnik


Switzerland’s Helvetic Airways has partnered up with Meersicht, a tour operator specialising in south-eastern Europe, to offer limited-time ‘pop-up’ routes with constantly changing destinations that can be booked at short notice. The airline has so far scheduled a service from Zurich to Brač on July 27, with the return flight on July 30, as well as an operation to Dubrovnik on August 14 and returning on August 16. More pop-up routes are expected to be scheduled in the coming weeks. Helvetic is offering travellers the opportunity to book both a flight and hotel package or simply a flight. All services will be operated by the Embraer E190-E2 jet.


  1. Anonymous13:31

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous13:48

      Papir trpi sve ali si vise dosadan i Bogu i ocu s tim sloganom ...

    2. Stvarno više, dosta s tim!

    3. Anonymous17:10

      No future for Helvetic, 95% of the fleet is grounded

    4. Anonymous18:20

      They were mostly providing flights for Swiss with regional jets, so after LH canceled contract with them because of less demand, they were not able to do nothing because they were always depending on Swiss. Their own network consist just of couple of seasonal leisure charter destinations which litarally can be served with 1 aircraft. So yeah, without providing services to Swiss there is no future for them.

    5. Anonymous19:18

      Contract is not canceled.

    6. Anonymous11:02

      Until the owner of Helvetic (Ebner), Swiss billionare, is regulary smoking cigars with execs from Swiss, Am not worried about them. The ACMI contracts has been extended in favour of Helvetic, and you'd be surprized if you'd know, who owns the EMB's ...

  2. Anonymous22:12

    Great news for BWK! Hopefully, it takes the top 10 ex-Yu airports position in the near future.


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