Finland mulls suspension of Skopje - Turku service


Finnish Transport and Communications Agency - Traficom - is considering introducing a temporary ban on operations from Macedonia after more than forty passengers tested positive on Wizz Air flights from Skopje to Turku within a span of ten days. Wizz Air currently maintains the service twice per week. All passengers arriving on the Skopje service into Turku are now tested for the coronavirus upon arrival.


  1. Anonymous14:05

    much ado about nothing

    for comparison 6000 imported cases in Germany in the last 4 weeks and they dont mull anything:
    latest status (18.08) from the world famous Robert-Koch Institut:

    1. Kosovo 1.755
    2. Türkei 1.134
    3. Kroatien 786
    4 Bulgarien 322
    5. Bosnien und Herzegowina 297
    7. Serbien 211
    10. Mazedonien 161

    (page 13);jsessionid=8996A3D70268390960A259A071F783A4.internet082?__blob=publicationFile

    1. Anonymous14:46

      Yeah, as if everything was imported from the Balkans and nothing from the bigger populated countries. Lol.
      Typically German. They want your workers but then they bring out the nasty facts about their countries of origin.

    2. Nemjee14:55

      Finland introduced quarantine for countries like The Netherlands, Cyprus, Denmark, Sweden... while Switzerland introduced it for Albanians, among other nations. It's really starting to be difficult to follow who can go where.

    3. Anonymous15:21

      and @14.46 is your typical Balkan reaction ignoring all the facts. You have been presented in a list of all new cases in Germany incl. those originating from "more populated countries" like Spain (227) , Poland (163), France (90) and Italy (79)... who doesnt come as near as those yugo numbers. but who is there to read ... the Balkans is the worst hit part of Europe at the moment and if you deny this then you have a problem with reality and transparency in general. but who is there to read...

    4. Anonymous15:31

      they introduced quarantine also for Germany, Greece , Malta. their "8 cases in 100 000" rule is pretty rigid

    5. Anonymous15:41

      For Serbia, had the government persisted with the mandatory state-operated quarantine for arrivals from EU countries, we would not have had neither the first nor any subsequent wave. So basically at this point we are just reintroducing the virus to Germany that Germans and other EU states brought us.

    6. Anonymous17:57

      Huh? Serbs reintroduced the virus to Germany? Mind you it was the Albanians who lead the covid parade as you can see. Furthremore, German explosion of corona is also because Germans returned form holidays in Spain and brought it back with them.

    7. Anonymous18:01

      @15:21 No!
      The list includes Croatia? Gimme a break.Croatia barely has less than 200 in total during August while Germany says 786. Yeah, right.
      Covid cases in Serbia have been declining since the end of the July again report says 211. Mind you, Serbia is more densely populated compared to Croatia.
      And Kosova more than Turkey, LOL.
      The Balkans is not the worst hit part of the Europe but it's rather UK.
      Germany loves twisting figures when it wants, but then is looking for workers. What a pity.

    8. Anonymous21:05

      Gospodo, u tekstu je rijec o Finskoj a ne o Njemackoj.

    9. Anonymous21:25

      @18.01 LOL . svaki komentar je suvisan

    10. Anonymous06:47

      Чова је једноставно дао Немачку као пример, нема потребе да се узбуђујеш Анон 21.05.

  2. Anonymous14:39

    Someone predicted this would happen and I think there will be more and more routes being blocked like this both from PRN and SKP.

  3. Anonymous16:07

    They should ban Balkanians from entering, the flight will stop by itself.


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