Ljubljana Airport’s new terminal project advances


Work on Ljubljana Airport’s new passenger terminal is continuing to advance. The concrete construction of the new building and the roof slabs above both floors have been completed while the fitting of the glass and panel exterior is almost complete. This month, equipment for the new baggage sorting facility will be installed. The terminal will stretch over 10.000 square metres and features a new departures hall with 22 check-in counters, five security lanes and three baggage carousels. Testing of the new terminal and its equipment is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2021, while its opening is set to take place in June that same year, just ahead of Slovenia's six-month Presidency of the Council of the European Union, which begins in July.


  1. Anonymous13:44

    What an unfortunate time to be expanding

  2. Anonymous13:50

    what will the old terminal be used for once the new one is opened?

    1. Anonymous13:51

      Also a passenger terminal. The two will be combined.

  3. Anonymous15:58

    What for?

    1. Anonymous16:20

      Because the current terminal is to small for the expected traffic? Or maybe you think it's not possible to think more than 2 months in advance? New terminal has been planned since 2004 and will be in use for the next 30+ years, so I'm really not sure what's the point of your comment...

    2. Anonymous19:47

      Hope you are right. Trends do not indicate any pickup in the next few months and recovery maybe after 2 years.

      With 2 to 3 flights per day, airport is bleeding money. Additional terminal will only increase it's fixed cost and brake even point.

      Because of that monthly bleed will only increase. Hope Flaport Slovenia predictions are wright on traffic pickup.

    3. Anonymous08:02

      Predictions are good, just the way they try to achieve that is completely wrong. If they continue to rely and hope for foreign carriers than we can all forget about quick recovery.

  4. Anonymous23:15

    Guys it was time already,!!
    We are so late, behind, and backwards from the rest of EU countries!!! i am waiting when the train will be available from the airport to Ljubljana!
    And 3 terminal should be build also in near future!


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