Split Airport sees stronger than expected summer


Split Airport estimates handling some 20% of last year’s passenger numbers following a better than expected summer season. During July and August, Split was the busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia, welcoming 171.815 and 273.842 travellers respectively. “Under the current circumstances, the summer season was good. We expect to handle around 700.000 passengers this year, which is some 20% of our annual traffic from 2019. These are encouraging results considering there were no flights during the pre-season period. July was quite decent, while in August, up to the 20th, traffic was very good. Even under these conditions, Split Airport was served by around 35 different carriers over the summer offering flights to sixty destinations, which gives us reason to believe that next year the situation will be even better”, the Deputy General Manager of Split Airport, Pero Bilas, said. During the January - August period, Split Airport handled 554.091 passengers, down 77.8%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN36.741 1.0
FEB26.294 24.5
MAR16.466 67.1
APR6▼ 100
MAY2.777 99.1
JUN26.150 94.9
JUL171.815 76.2
AUG273.842 59.3


  1. Anonymous10:33

    What happened after 20.08?

    1. Anonymous10:35

      Our coronavirus cases started rising and many airlines stopped flights.

  2. Anonymous11:19

    Good job SPU!

  3. Anonymous12:15

    If it wasn't for the whole histeria in August about COVID-19, and Croatia being put on a red list, Split would have a solid 30 more days of traffic, taking them up to September 20th. Weather was beautiful and sea was still warm... Only last week did the weather completely deteriorate.

    1. Or if only there wasn't a pandemic.

  4. Anonymous22:37

    The negative numbers are going down. I am confident that SPU will once again become the busiest airport in summer in the entire ex-Yu region. Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous05:12

      It was ahead only one month before corona, not the entire summer.

    2. Anonymous09:26

      Yes, but generally speaking during the summer it is practically the busiest and has more connections than any other airport in ex-Yu.


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