Turkish Airlines boosts EX-YU operations


Turkish Airlines will be increasing frequencies to select markets in the former Yugoslavia this September. The Turkish carrier will maintain daily operations from Istanbul to Belgrade and Sarajevo throughout the month, while five weekly rotations will operate to Pristina, Podgorica and Skopje. The airline will run four weekly services to Zagreb, while three weekly flights will be maintained to Ljubljana.


  1. Anonymous17:20

    I see TK flew with A330 on Monday to Belgrade, and Air Serbia upgraded IST to A320 from A319.

    Codeshare seems to be working well for now.

    Looks like when things get back to normal, we will see widebodies and 3rd daily from TK, and a possible new Turkish destination from Air Serbia.

    1. Anonymous05:43

      Interesting about A330, didn't see that one. Hopefully Turkish tourists are slowly coming back. Hotels are slowly opening as well so hopefully it's the industry's slow recovery.

    2. Anonymous06:13

      It seems like things improved for TK since 20.08 as after that their evening flight was almost exclusively operated with A321, before that it was A320. Seems like loads are indeed improving on this once thriving market.

  2. Turkish Airlines will fly to 199 destinations in september. www.aeroportist.com


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