Wizz launches interactive tool for accessible routes


Wizz Air has launched a Travel Planning Map search tool designed to help passengers determine which destinations in the airline’s network they can fly to. The map will inform customers of coronavirus-related travel restrictions in place and passengers can check operating routes and relevant travel rules using a colour-coded system. To use the map, passengers simply click on their desired departure airport and then can choose from any available destinations in the Wizz network. Countries and airports are colour coded depending on restrictions - green meaning there are no restrictions to enter the country via air, yellow meaning there are partial restrictions (test/quarantine/residence) to enter the country via air and red meaning there is a full or partial entry ban to the country via air. For further information on travel regulations, passengers can click on specific routes to take them to a country-specific travel information page which includes relevant links to local government websites, useful travel pages and any pre-departure mandatory forms that need to be filled out. The airline says the map is updated daily at 18.00 CEST but recommends that passengers double check entry requirements before departure as they might be subject to changes daily. The map is currently available only for individuals accessing the page through their computers and can be found here.


  1. Anonymous14:35

    Amazing! This leaves other carriers much behind when it comes to innovations. Their mobile app also is now really cool. You can buy your ticket for less than 3min especially if you have your profile created. Go Wizz!

    1. Anonymous16:48

      Wizz is still far behind when it comes to innovations like codeshare, hub transfer flights with compensation for missed flights, widebody long haul flights, first/business class etc.

    2. Anonymous17:37

      You forget that Wizz is a LCC. So it doesnt need codeshare, hub and spoke and all other things as legacy if they can on this way be really profitabile and important on the market. And i really dont know what is inovative at 40 years old legacy system in front of LCCs which are far more successul in expanding in 21st century.

    3. Anonymous19:48

      Right, I forgot that. But I have travel needs that LCC model can't and won't ever meet while existing flag carrier can and does meet. I don't need Wizz at all.

    4. Anonymous20:01

      Yeah but you said Wizz is not inovative because of non existent long haul and codeshares which is wrong. I just said that.

    5. Anonymous21:00

      Every airline that operates to and from EU compensates you if there has been a mishap, delay, etc including LCCs, so your point is out of place.
      A codeshare is no innovation because it has existed for decades. Widebody LCC? You name it...Norwegian, Air Asia, Scoot, LEVEL and so on. Mind you, you can still use level within the IAG Group and still get your points and have your "compensation".

    6. Anonymous22:48

      Wizz fanboys keep denying or ignoring that large portion of 2019 global passenger aviation is NOT LCC based. LCCs simply can't provide conectivity between all the continents or P2P between all the airports in the world. Wizz, Frontier or whatever Enerjet is, will never be able to ever displace traditional airline model.

    7. Anonymous00:48

      Legacy airlines will never be able to reduce the fare to 29,99€ and take me from Belgrade to Luton or from Lisbon for 31,99€. You stick to your intercontinental route, I stick to my more frequent, European route.

    8. Anonymous05:41

      Lucky you, BEG-BVA on the other hand is €200 to €250 without luggage most of the time. I wish we had those fabulous fares you speak of.


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