Air Serbia begins app ticket sales


Air Serbia has added new features to its mobile app with users now having the option to purchase tickets. Additionally, as of late September, the app is available on all iOS mobile devices. The Air Serbia app has been downloaded thousands of times since its launch. More than two thirds of visits to the national airline’s website have been through mobile devices, of which almost half are Apple devices. “Ever since we started developing the app, we have taken the approach of gradually adding features in line with the feedback we get from users. Passengers can now use the app to inform us of any problems in real time, and they can also send us suggestions for improvements and new features, which is very important to us, as their needs are our priority”, the General Manager for Commercial and Strategy at Air Serbia, Jiri Marek, said. App users have already been able to check-in, scan their passport, download their boarding passes and keep them in the Wallet app, register via email, Facebook and Google, as well as choose the analytics and message settings. They have also had the option of storing their travel documents. In the later stages of development, passengers will be also able to use the app to purchase ancillary services, or get service information about flight status, promotional campaigns and other benefits.


  1. Anonymous13:33

    Welcome to the 21st century! :) It was really high time!

    1. Anonymous14:56

      First time I bought Air Serbia ticket online using a mobile phone was back in 2015 or 2016. It was nicely laid out, readable and easy to search and book.

      Some people just don't know how to use internet browser.

    2. Anonymous16:33

      It's not about using browser but app. Do you have boarding card in browser? Can you manage booking in one click?
      Don't be...

    3. Anonymous17:39

      No, it is about being capable of using tools already at your disposal without all the drama. Yes you can manage your booking in one click from the main web page, also online check-in, purchase tickets etc. App is a great way to personally identify customer, create bespoke offering and provide detailed analytics which is of benefit for an airline but even without an app customer already had all the important services online for years. Air Serbia is far ahead in the exyu region when it comes to customized ancillary services anyway.

    4. Anonymous20:23

      Those ancillary services is thanks to the transition from boutique to low-cost. Also lets not forget about this special service:

      Package Description Price
      Your special moment with a cake Chocolate premium cake "Ana" 0.5 kg 10 EUR
      Your special moment with a cake with a personal note and sparkling wine for two Chocolate premium cake "Ana" 0.5 kg with a personal note1 and sparkling wine "Le Contesse Prosecco Treviso" 0.2 l 20 EUR
      Your special moment with a cake with a personal note, champagne and a rose Chocolate premium cake "Ana" 0.5 kg with a personal note1, "Mumm" champaign 0.375 l and a rose 35 EUR

      I am not sure if you will be able to buy it via the app.

    5. Anonymous21:39

      That offer is more than two years old.

  2. Anonymous14:20

    Finally! Watch, if JU starts direct flights to China the drop in Apple devices will drop to 20% compared to Huawei ;)

    The slowdown has enabled JU to focus internally on its own product and start to "catch up" to other airlines in the region. This app feature is just a small stepping stone to that level. Remember, JU was one of the leading airlines of EUROPE with an incredible network and equipment before the 90s sanctions/blockades that resulted in their market share being scooped up by others and their equipment become outdated. It's really great watching it [and the airport] recover, albeit slowly, over the past 20 years.

    I noticed this weekend that one of the products that it has an advantage over some of the competition is the BEG hub for layovers. With LH and other airlines you leave your dignity at the gate if you are old and don't speak English with attendants having little time or patience explaining "we will exit row-by-row" or you need to fill these forms etc... [or there will be four policemen at the exit of the plane waiting to look at your passport and sneer if it isn't from the EU/US]. Don't get me started on the busses waiting at the bottom of the plane. The Ex-YU market landing in BEG don't go through any of those hassles and have no problem speaking Serbian and find it less intimidating.

    Covid has slowed down the entire industry, but has also levelled the playing field a little...

  3. it is incredible how proactive JU is and how the core business structure is behind company's potential

    stop flying to US / load factor ain't going up, so drop several 319s for regional jets. idk do you need 320 year round on anything else than zurich / don't ever dream boutique in todays circumstances

    1. Anonymous16:06

      Just goes to show how PČ has no clue how to run an airline business, but is not ashamed of sharing his ignorance.

    2. Anonymous17:06

      Why stop flying to the US? Yes, it was completely politically motivated project, however - as it turned out - JU was actually able to cope very good with the idea of intercontinental traffic. Slowly build regional routes, get passengers from other cities, transfer them through BEG and voila, make a load. Unfortunately, it is not high yielding route at the beginning but is recovering slowly.

      Also COVID situation and the fact that JU has almost every flight to/from JFK sold out enables them to raise brand awareness in the USA, thus when all this s*** goes, they will have solid, developed route with possibility to grow.

      Remember how bankrupt MA, or OS prospered under UN sanctions to ex Yugoslavia in 1990? Maybe we can try to take that situation towards what JU is doing now. Quickly reacting to market changes, defining routes, jumping in, taking slots, taking away passengers from other carriers dumping BEG for the time being ... I would say it genuinely is a good idea.

  4. Anonymous18:08

    Pedja +1000 - I couldn't have said it better. There is a real opportunity for JU to capitalize on the market, one that will most likely never come again.

    I noticed that some airlines are being sold for PEANUTS, which have equipment that could be very useful;

  5. Anonymous21:26

    JU will soon be able to profit fom an increase of tourism from a country it already serves .

    I will not tell which one - but the next few days it will be big in the news .

    All the best to you folks !

  6. Hope to see App in Huawei App Galery

  7. Anonymous00:08

    Bravo Air Serbia!

  8. Anonymous09:07

    Will they enable automatic delivery of company invoice without hassle of manually sending requests via call center email and waiting for it?


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