Qatar Airways to deploy B777 to Belgrade


Qatar Airways has scheduled widebody aircraft on select flights to Belgrade in October. The carrier plans to deploy the 272-seat Boeing 777-200LR jet to the Serbian capital on Monday, October 19. The “Aviatica” portal reports that the airline will also use the B787 Dreamliner aircraft on Monday, October 26 due to strong demand. The B777-200LR this coming Monday features 230 seats in economy class, as well as 42 of its flagship Q-suites in business class. The planned equipment represents a significant upgrade compared to the 132-seat Airbus A320 currently operating on the route. Last-minute equipment changes remain possible.

Qatar Airways B777-200LR Q-suites

Qatar Airways B777-200LR economy class cabin


  1. Anonymous12:27

    Nice to see. Its really interesting how SOF is operatated with A320 and techincal stop in OTP while ATH is with 777-300er and BEG with 777-200lr. Seems that finaly diaspora from Australia is coming back to BEG.

    1. Anonymous12:31

      Nope not diaspora from Australia. You can only leave Australia with special governnent permission which is very hard to get. Flights are packed with passengers from China at the moment.

    2. Anonymous13:21

      Demand in SOF to the Gulf and beyond always peaks in December-April. Plus, there is a very small diaspora in Australia + Chinese need visas to enter EU.

  2. Anonymous12:32

    The goodbye Etihad effect

  3. Anonymous14:25

    This is most likely (just) a larger group travelling outbound of BEG on 19th and returning a week later on 26th of Oct, quite evident by the dates.

    1. Anonymous15:01

      Don't think so. QR has an interline with JU so I'm sure they rebooked regional passengers via BEG.

  4. Anonymous18:10

    Makes sense when you consider that Qatars A320s to Belgrade have more passengers then their nearly empty 777s that fly to other destinations .

  5. Not only BEG:
    FRA 777 for 350
    ATH 777 for 787
    PAR 777 for 350
    MAD 777 for 350
    AMS 777 for 350
    IST 350 for 321 on QR 245
    ZAG flight is on 19.10. cancelled...

    1. Anonymous20:27

      Majestic A350 <3 looks so extremely elegant on QR livery. The new queen of skies.

    2. Anonymous22:41

      So they are upgrading everything but cutting destinations in ex yu?

    3. Anonymous21:49

      BEG is also ex-yu

  6. Anonymous11:16

    Please dont be angry with me but this topic was obviously fake news

    1. No, the aircraft was scheduled to operate on the route until yesterday, which you could see in their booking system, like here. Please read the article more carefully, including the last sentence.


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