Turkish Airlines reschedules Sarajevo operations


Turkish Airlines will introduce new flight times on its route between Istanbul and Sarajevo, which will include keeping one of its aircraft overnight in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital to allow for an early morning departure back to Istanbul. The carrier plans to maintain daily flights between the two cities over the coming winter season. Four of the weekly services will depart Istanbul at 21.00, arriving in Sarajevo at 20.50 and spending the night in the city before its return at 07.30 the following day. The other two weekly flights will depart Istanbul at 10.40 in the morning, while one flight will leave Turkey’s largest city at 19.25 and return that same evening.


  1. Anonymous11:11

    This is good news for Sarajevo Airport.

  2. Anonymous13:31

    Finally SJJ on the headlines again! It deserves even more flights in the future.

  3. Anonymous13:56

    Will all these flights be operated with an A321neo?

  4. Anonymous14:56

    Will this work during the winter? As far as I remember, SJJ gets closed quite often in the evenings during the winter due to fog. Most of those planes have to make a detour to BEG because of that.

  5. Anonymous20:35

    I would prefer that Turkish Airlines have daily flight from IST to SJJ, as many times they were forced to detour, or even stay in IST for 2 days...


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