Ljubljana Airport passenger figures plunge 95%


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has seen its passenger numbers decline 95% in November by handling just 4.258 passengers. The number of aircraft movements fell 55.7% to 687. The airport will now handle less than 300.000 passengers this year, which will mark its slowest since 1992. During the January - November period, it welcomed 282.813 travellers through its doors, down 82.7%.

JAN75.495 27.1
FEB79.776 24.4
MAR36.368 72.8
APR236 99.9
MAY118 99.9
JUN5.085 97.3
JUL20.992 89.9
AUG28.024 86.7
SEP21.686 87.4
OCT10.775 89.1
NOV4.258 95.0


  1. Anonymous13:50

    Makes sense, Slovenia always prided itself as the most eco friendly on ex yu region.

    1. JU520 BEGLAX19:44

      Good one :-)

  2. Visit Kosovo14:07

    Admin, how do these figures add up?

    4,258 passengers in 687 flights implies that each flight had less than 7 passengers.

    And, on average there were nearly 23 flights (inbound and outbound) per day? Or are 687 flights for the entire 11 month period.

    I wish Slovenia all the best for the future and I, for one, miss Adria Airways.

    1. Ljubljana Airport (Fraport Group) includes aircraft movements of all types - cargo, private jet, plane coming for aircraft maintenance - not just commercial flights.

    2. Anonymous14:35

      same as TAV

  3. Anonymous14:43

    Is this a record in the category of international airports in Europe? In terms of absolute passenger count.

  4. Iztok16:16

    Lufthansa on webpage offers evening 21h-22h flights Frankfurt-Ljubljana from 30.1.2021 onwards as the second daily flight (right now there is already 13h-14h flight).

    What you guys think is the possibility that Lufthansa evening flight will be reality from 30.1.2021 or do you think they will cancel it and reschedule it like so many of the flights in January and February (Air France etc.).

    (I need that evening flight for a connection, so that's why i am asking)

  5. Anonymous19:20

    would be great to see an article where you write also something positive about LJU - for example LOT will increase frequency to Ljubljana in spring - 10 flight per week.

    1. Anonymous19:24

      There was a positive article about Ljubljana just 2 days ago! And LOT has delayed its launch to LJU about 10 times now.

    2. Anonymous20:24

      which one? yes they delayed in winter, i wrote spring - from march on.

    3. Anonymous20:26

      There was an article 2 days ago that traffic at LJU will lift 50% in January compared to December. I don't know what kind of rosy news you expect in this sort of situation where LJU is handling barely 4,000 passengers per month. I always see updates on the terminal construction too. And those timetables just have not been updated. Don't count on 10 weekly.

    4. Anonymous21:04

      well since we see that kind of articles for Zagreb would be nice to see them for Ljubljana too. simple as that :) i think it will be even more than 10 weekly - from may on.

    5. Anonymous22:37

      There was that news news recently about that Italian start up planning to fly to LJU from Milan.

    6. Anonymous08:41

      @anon 21:04

      ZAG for instance remain to operate as airport, while we (in Slovenia) only have parking place for foreign carriers. What kind of positive news do you expect then?

      Every time when Fraport's PR publish some good news here, we already know that new cancelations or prolonged suspensions are going to happen in next few days. And that's reality, I really hope that after latest figures our politicians will go forward with plans to establish Air Slovenia. Only then we can talk about good news for LJU..

  6. Anonymous05:44

    Yasss let them starve. Hopefully the citizens will keep supporting the lockdowns


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