Skopje, Zagreb recognised for customer service amid pandemic


Airports Council International World has awarded the airports in Skopje and Zagreb with “The Voice of Customer”, which recognises airports that have demonstrated significant efforts in gathering passenger feedback through the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Departures survey, to help them better understand their customers during the pandemic. To qualify, an airport member must have collected three or more quarters of data. This year, 140 airports have been recognised around the world, although Skopje and Zagreb are the only ones in the former Yugoslavia.

The General Manager of airport operator TAV Macedonia, Metin Batak, said, “We are very happy that Airports Council International recognises Skopje Airport as one of the 140 worldwide that continued listening to customer’s opinions, even in such tough times for airports as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In spite of the difficult circumstances, when we are struggling to survive, we’ve decided that customer satisfaction should remain one of our top priorities. Therefore, we continued to engage our resources into performing the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Survey inline with the given program and representative sample/quota by ACI, investing all our efforts into adapting the work processes in order to respond to the evolving business environment that Covid-19 has brought onto airports. We really do believe in the importance of our customers’ opinions, because our goal is to create services tailored to meet passengers’ expectations”.

ACI World Director General, Luis Felipe de Oliveira, noted, “Congratulations! The Voice of the Customer recognition celebrates the commitment of airports that continued listening to passengers and adapting processes and procedures to meet changing expectations of customer experience in response to Covid-19. As our industry works towards recovery, airports that listen, and prioritise the needs and expectations of customers, will be better placed to respond. ACI’s ASQ programme gives airports the tools, objective measurement and benchmarking, to gather information on the needs and expectations of customers and help drive their performance in response”.


  1. Anonymous14:01

    The voice of customer in ZAG keeps saying for years: bring low cost airlines to the airport, we want more choice and lower prices but no one is listening.

    1. Anonymous09:08

      The survey is performed at the airport with actual travelers, not with teenagers in Dubrava. As a result, ZAG was selected the best airport in Europe for two consecutive years.

    2. Anonymous09:21


    3. Anonymous11:48

    4. Ko zna citati13:39

      Winners Europe (Between 2 and 5 million passengers):
      Aeropuerto de Menorca
      Skopje International Airport
      Tallinn Airport
      Zagreb Airport

  2. Anonymous16:06

    Anon at 9:08 Hard to believe you. Is there a youtube video of this survey? I would like to see actual ZAG travelers say to the camera "I love paying 300eur to transfer via FRA instead of flying direct to my destination city for only 35eur with lowcoster". I bet no one asked them in this awesome survey if they want more low cost options. Instead they were asked less important questions about retail options, passenger experience etc.


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