Wizz Air terminates Tuzla service


Wizz Air has terminated plans to restore operations between Salzburg and Tuzla. The route was launched last summer but only a single return service was operated due to a temporary flight ban imposed by Austria, which has since been lifted. The two weekly flights were initially scheduled to resume in March, however, the airline has now removed them from sale. As a result, all flights planned from Salzburg to former Yugoslav markets have now been terminated. They previously included Belgrade and Skopje.


  1. Anonymous14:01


  2. Anonymous14:01

    Bravo Wizz Air.

  3. Anonymous14:18

    skp also lost SZG, guess there is no demand on this route compared to BTS and VIE.

  4. 😂😂 they were flying from Tuzla without subsidies from BiH, now lets pay them money and let them cheaply use SJJ. Where is the logic? Zz will not pay nor crew taxes nor nothing in BiH, as all contracts are by confair with tricky swiss tax. Brilliant show

    1. Anonymous18:58

      It's not true that Wizzair flew from TZL for free. Same with SJJ applies now.

  5. Anonymous21:53

    Dobra vest za JU i Niš.

  6. Anonymous23:16

    Another example for the lack of demand. Wizz always blame travel bans for poor loads, cuts and simply unable to understand that people don't want to travel now.

  7. Anonymous08:45

    They should restore Oslo Sandefjord - TZL

  8. Anonymous10:03

    They closed their base there


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