Air Serbia delivers Covid vaccines to Macedonia, Montenegro


Air Serbia has delivered Covid-19 vaccines to both Macedonia and Montenegro over the past three days, as the airline continues to play an active role in the transportation of coronavirus shots. The vaccines arrived in both Skopje and Podgorica on board the carrier’s scheduled flights from Belgrade with the ATR72 aircraft, while another shipment of inoculations was previously delivered to Montenegro on board the Airbus A319 jet. Since the start of the global vaccination drive, Air Serbia has transported over two million doses of the Covid-19 vaccines, utilising all three aircraft types in its fleet - the A330-200, the A320-family jets and the ATR turboprops. The Serbian government has said the shipment of vaccines would take longer and be more expensive if the country did not have its own flag carrier.


  1. Anonymous12:14

    Thank you Serbia. :)

  2. Anonymous17:41

    I watched the flight this morning arrive in Skoplje. The donation made me remember the old Yugoslavia and brought tears to my eyes.

  3. Anonymous09:25

    It would cost more obviously, but not nearly to EUR 30m per year, which is the price of owning a national airline (which I am generally fine with, but let's be clear).

    1. Anonymous09:35

      You are obviously not fine with it.

  4. ASL Cargo rocks


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