Qatar Airways unlikely to return to Sarajevo, Skopje


Qatar Airways will not be returning to either Sarajevo or Skopje according to its preliminary 2021/2022 winter season timetable, which it has begun revising this week. Services to both capital cities have been suspended since March of last year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The carrier has not scheduled services for the 2022 summer season either, although it has indicated the two will be restored once demand returns. In a statement, the Qatari carrier said, “Similar to other airlines around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has created significant operational challenges for Qatar Airways. While we continue to operate as many flights as possible, many routes remain commercially unviable due to the significant drop in global demand for air travel. After careful consideration, we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend the Sarajevo and Skopje routes. We have advised all stakeholders and impacted passengers and are working closely with them to offer alternative travel options to other points in our network or full refunds in line with our Travel With Confidence flexible travel policy”.


  1. Anonymous11:12

    This is not a good news for people which prefer flying with QA and live in Macedonia. I just checked in case Thessaloniki might comeback but its also unavailable for booking...closest airports will remain SOF and BEG...

    1. Anonymous17:44

      What am I surprised is that DOH-BEG remains 5 weekly even in winter, while OTP and ZAG are resuming their 2 daily while SOF its 11 weekly original pre-Covid schedule.
      I think ZAG will be quite a busy airport this winter with the arrival of FR and now QR 2 daily.

    2. Anonymous18:14

      Zagreb schedule is not revised yet. Frequency will be 2 per week (at best)

    3. Anonymous18:21

      Go to QR website and check yourself. ZAG will be 2 daily in winter.

    4. Anonymous18:25

      I know what it says, I'm telling you the schedule is not revised yet. Like this article says, the airline has just started revising its timetable for winter. Some cities have the updated schedule while others like Zagreb don't. Frequencies will be 1 to 2 per week. 98% of Qatar's traffic in Zagreb is from Asia and Australia. All of those markets are closed. The airline is now flying 2 per week.

    5. I doubt Australian and Asian markets will remain closed in winter. Maybe for 2-3 more months. If they open, which I think is highly likely, 2 weekly DOH ZAG for sure won't be enough. Maybe it will not be double daily but it will be at least daily

    6. Anonymous21:58

      Australia announced lag week that borders will be closed until mid 2022.

    7. Anonymous21:58


  2. Anonymous21:17

    Na ruti Sarajevo - Doha letjet će FlyBosnia

  3. QR is not flying direct from SOF to DOH.. there is now a technical stop in OTP.


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