Eurowings to launch new Pristina flights


Low cost carrier Eurowings will commence new seasonal flights from Pristina to Malmo, Charleroi and Bremen. The services will be launched between June 28 and June 30. They will run up to two times per week until mid-September with the Airbus A320 aircraft. Tickets ae now on sale through the airline’s website.

Destination Launch date
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  1. Anonymous14:22

    Just seasonal? They need to be more aggressive to destroy the mafia family travel agencies.

    1. Anonymous16:34

      Until Wizz opens their next base in PRN

    2. No one forces anyone to book flights with independent travel agencies.

      I like a mix of operators:
      - low-cost operators, such as easyJet, Norwegian, and Wizz Air
      - charter operators, such as Air Prishtina, and Malesia Reisen that offer change of dates free of charge or for a small fee. There are many other smaller operators that sometimes disappear before even operating a single flight; and
      - full service operators such as Austrian, and Turkish that offer connecting flights to most of the world.

    3. Anonymous17:03

      Agree with 'Visit Kosovo', the rest of the above comments are pure non-sense

    4. Anonymous17:28

      Yep, just fantastic. PRN is lucky to be the last bastion of these stone age ''charter operations'' in Europe.

    5. Anonymous19:00

      Every flight which is handled by Reisebüro agencies escapes transparent competition with other flights since their booking, when even possible online, cannot be directly compared with ordinary flights. And as long these Reisebüro flights have such a big market share, they can exist in their closed system with negative results for all travelers resulting in higher prices. Always a pain to find and book flights from/to PRN.

  2. Speaking of Pristina and Eurowings, what happened to their Belgrade - Pristina flights? If I am not mistaken it was part of some bigger deal arranged by international mediation. Anybody any news when it might start? Will it start at all?

    1. Milos09:17

      I guess not. No one speaks about that anymore and the other things from that deal probably won't happen.

      I think it makes the most sense for AirSerbia to travel on this route, but we all know that because of the political reasons it won't happen anytime soon.


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