Finnair shelves Ljubljana service for 2021


Finnair has removed planned seasonal flights between Helsinki and Ljubljana for a second year running, with plans to restore operations on the route in 2022. The Finnish carrier has been delaying its service resumption for several months. Flights between the two capital cities rely heavily on transfer traffic from Asia, particularly Japan. However, as markets in the Far East continue to be closed for international travel due to the coronavirus pandemic, the carrier has suspended ticket sales on the route. In 2019 it handled 32.939 passengers between the two cities.


  1. Anonymous14:00

    As expected.

  2. Anonymous14:07

    But Finnair will still fly the route Helsinki - Split during summer 2021 ...

    1. Anonymous14:10

      Because it does not rely on Japanese tourists.

    2. Anonymous15:37

      It does. Thats why it will not be 6 weakly on 321/320 but only 3 weakly on e190


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