United to codeshare on Croatia domestic service


United Airlines will begin codesharing on Croatia Airlines’ domestic flights this summer once it launches services between Newark and Dubrovnik on July 1. The US carrier will place its flight number and designator code onto its fellow Star Alliance member’s service between Dubrovnik and Zagreb starting July 1. The flight numbers will appear as UA7257/7258. United also codeshares on Croatia Airlines’ flights between Frankfurt and Zagreb, while Croatia Airlines does not have its codes on any of its US counterpart’s services but has indicated it is willing to conclude a codeshare partnership on the Dubrovnik - Newark route.


  1. Anonymous17:09

    As I predicted, good news for OU!

    1. Balkan Blues17:12

      Oh you're THAT Anonymous ... at first I thought you were just some random Anonymous ...

    2. I agree, excellent news for OU and their business model of breadcrumbs collecting on expense of taxpayers

    3. Prepelica21:21

      "but has indicated it is willing to conclude" - God forbid they actually do something.

    4. Anonymous23:29

      @Balkan Blues
      Yes, I'm the one who predicted this. More comments?


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