Osijek Airport gets financial injection


Osijek Airport has received a 133.500 euro cash injection from the Osijek-Baranja county. The county’s prefect, Ivan Anušić, said, “The airport is one of our county’s priorities. This year’s investment of one million kuna [133.500 euros] and is the largest we have made so far. The county has so far invested 3.5 million kuna into the airport”. The county has a 20% stake in the airport, while 55% is controlled by the state and 25% by the city of Osijek. The airport’s newly appointed General Manager, Ivan Kos, said, “I don’t want to make any big promises, however, in the coming year we expect to invest significantly into our cargo capacities and will attempt to attract foreign carriers that will maintain flights on a year-round basis, not just seasonal”. Earlier this year, Osijek Airport issued a public call for low cost carriers to commence operations in return for incentives, however, the result of the tender has never been published. Osijek Airport is currently served by Croatia Airlines and Trade Air, which maintain domestic flights from the city. Over the years, the likes of Wizz Air, Ryanair Air and Eurowings served Osijek. The airport handled just 6.626 passengers in 2020, down 85.7% on the year before.


  1. Hope this one works out. The new CEO is once again someone without prior aviation experience and it might be tricky... But a lot of potential for VFR flights in EU.


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