Air Serbia to restore Kraljevo - Vienna service


Air Serbia will resume flights between Kraljevo’s Morava Airport and Vienna on October 12. Services will run twice per week, each Tuesday and Thursday, with the ATR72 turboprop aircraft, until the end of the year, on December 30. The carrier’s Head of Sales, Boško Rupić, said, “We are glad that we will enable passengers from central and western Serbia to have direct flights to Vienna from our third airport in Serbia. Our goal is to make organising trips easier for them in the coming period, and to offer traditionally good service, which our passengers can expect on all our flights”. Services between the two cities were introduced in December 2019 and were suspended in March the following year at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The flights are subsidised by the Serbian government and were initially scheduled to operate on a year-round basis.


  1. Anonymous13:46

    Congrats! Finally, even though there is high level of probability those flights will be no materialized due to Covid-related restrictions...

  2. There should be more bi-weekly flights to other destinations in Europe from this airport.

  3. Anonymous15:09

    Sledeće godine kreću letovi iz Kraljeva za Grčku,Tursku i Nemačku.

  4. Anonymous18:20

    Who said here a couple of days that KVO and OMO are zero traffic airports?

  5. Anonymous20:34

    The words about good service sound like an euphemism.

  6. Zbog piste sa malom nosivoscu kao sto je ova na Kraljevackoj Moravi ne moze se ocekivati ocekivati ozbiljan saobracaj samo sa ATR avionima.
    Posle gradnje najduze piste od 4.000 × 45 metara, za
    najveca opterecenja i kargo letove, Morava Kraljevo ce biti samo odrziva. Projekat ovog aerodroma je vec zavrsen. Realno je pocetak radova tokom iduce godine. Do tada zelecemo ozbiljniji saobracaj sa Morave... ✈♥️🛫

  7. They need to make these slots more realistic for the gastos that would rather come for weekend trips. Friday/Sunday slots would work better.

    Plus, they should make it possible for those of us travelling from overseas to be able to connect on that empty flight to KVO from BEG! It would save me all the hassle of checking out of BEG and getting a ride to Sumadija.

    1. Anonymous11:46

      Well, they shoud have connected Niš with Belgrade ages ago, but that didn`t, so...

    2. Anonymous21:59

      That would be a lot of connections:



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