Split Airport handles millionth passenger


Split Airport handled its millionth passenger of the year in August by welcoming 494.240 travellers during the month. Over the January - August period, the airport processed 1.034.526 travellers, down 58.6% on the pre-pandemic 2019. Split is currently Croatia’s busiest airport and the first to surpass the million passenger mark in the country this year. Over the eight-month period, the most capacity out of Split was offered to Zagreb, followed by Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Croatia Airlines was the biggest carrier, offering 261.378 seats, followed by easyJet with 248.934 and Eurowings with 98.244 seats.


  1. Anonymous16:07

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous18:01

    SPU-ZAG number will rise once Ryanair starts flying domestic in Croatia.

    1. Upravo tako.... zasto ryan nema nijedan let iz beg nije mi jasno

    2. Yeah13:41

      Sta je nema komentara , ha nije Zag , nije Beg . Di ste centralisti , di ste gospodarski , kulturno i turisticki pokretaci regiona . Da metropole , sela u grckoj imaju vise putnika , da poslivni ljudi , da weekend destinacije , pa koga vi vise lazete , da nema ono malo bare , g bi jeli iza stale . Da zag europska metropola , hahahahah


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