Bosnia scraps aviation development tax


The Federal government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has terminated a ten euro per passenger tax “for the development of air transport”, which was suspended last October on a temporary basis. The tax, introduced in 2005 to fund the development of the country’s air transport sector, was only applied to airlines flying into Sarajevo. It was initially suspended until December 31 of this year, however, it has now been permanently scrapped as its temporary removal had generated the arrival of a number of new carriers at Sarajevo Airport and reduced air fares.


  1. Anonymous13:36

    The tax was a typical uhljeb mentality product that served pretty much nobody. And on the other hand, it was unfair only SJJ passangers were forced to pay such a tax.

  2. Anonymous13:43

    This reminds me of the country exit tax we were paying in Serbia/Yugoslavia during nineties...

    1. Anonymous15:08

      It existed, really?

      Only Turkey has such a tax.

    2. Anonymous00:01

      Iran has it as well or at least had a few years ago.
      Can't remember if it applied to all or 'just' their citizens...


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