Eurowings shelves planned new Zagreb service


Low cost carrier Eurowings has cancelled plans to introduce a one weekly service between Prague and Zagreb. Flights were initially scheduled to begin on November 6 but were pushed back multiple times before being terminated. Eurowings previously also cancelled its planned new service between Berlin and the Croatian capital but inaugurated services from Dusseldorf last summer. Zagreb and Prague were previously linked on a seasonal summer basis by Croatia Airlines. The national carrier discontinued the service at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. It is unclear if and when it will restore the route.


  1. Anonymous10:32

    Didn't they also cancel some DUS flights around New Year?

  2. Anonymous12:47

    This airline is the biggest joke ever - no identity, no focus, weak marketing. Better shut it down.

    1. Anonymous13:13

      Free market competition is biting Star Alliance at Zagreb. It is just a matter of time!

    2. Anonymous13:42

      You obviously don't know nothing about aviation. Eurowings is part of lufthansa group and belive me lufthansa wouldn't let them do anything to star alliance. It's more because they want to fight ryanair and wizz on such routes.

    3. Anonymous13:46

      I know very well that they are the LCC division of LH and that does not make them a joke. What is their target? What are their focus cities? Is it a LCC or it makes connecting flights? Does it fit or not on some LH routes? What about their long-haul and this newest silly brand EW Discover....gimme a break. They will NEVER be able to compete with the big 3 boys - FR, W6 and U2. NEVER!

    4. Anonymous15:43

      Couldn't agree more with you. 13.46

    5. Anonymous15:17

      "lufthansa wouldn't let them do anything to star alliance"

      Lufthansa wouldn't let them do anything to other Lufthansa Group airlines, but other airlines in Star Alliance - of course they are welcome to do what they like!

      Eurowings is setting up a new base in Stockholm to squeeze Star member SAS, just like they do in Prague with SkyTeam member CSA. No discrimination based on alliance.

      If it wasn't because Ryanair got there first, Eurowings probably would have done the same in Zagreb to Croatia Airlines. They seem to be taking advantage of what the pandemic has done to the industry and look for the weakest players in the market.

  3. Anonymous18:45

    Thank God, now somebody else can open it. Joke of a company

    1. I believe they withdrew because they presume somebody else (FR) is announcing it in the next wave

    2. Anonymous22:45

      I think I the next wave we will see Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Vienna, Prague and possibly delicious peace of seasonal domestic market.


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