Zagreb Airport reaches 36% of pre-pandemic traffic


Zagreb Airport handled 182.838 passengers in October, representing a decrease of 44.7% on the same month in 2019. During October, Croatia Airlines operated the most flights out of Zagreb, followed by Ryanair and KLM. With 144.826 seats on sale, Croatia Airlines had the most capacity on offer from Croatia’s capital, followed by Ryanair (67.410) and Turkish Airlines (18.964). During the January - October period, Zagreb Airport welcomed 1.060.618 travellers through its doors, representing a decrease of 64.1% on the same period during the pre-pandemic 2019.

Zagreb Airport market share by frequency in October

Zagreb Airport market share by capacity in October


  1. Anonymous13:33

    FR is going to eat OU alive this winter.

  2. Anonymous17:32 the article you made a typpo. In the second sentence you wrote "croatia airlines operated the most flight out of Sarajevo followed by Ryanair and KLM"
    I think it was supposed to be "out of Zagreb". Am I right?


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