British Airways extends Zagreb service suspension


British Airways has extended the temporary suspension of its flights between London Heathrow Airport and Zagreb. The service, which was halted on January 10, was to resume on February 1 but its resumption date has now been pushed back until February 28. Further changes remain possible. The British carrier competes directly against Croatia Airlines on the route, which is maintaining four weekly rotations between the two capital cities. In addition, Ryanair operates daily flights between Zagreb and Stansted Airport.


  1. Anonymous16:49

    ''but its resumption date has now been pushed back until February 29. Further changes remain possible'' Very likely, since February 29th does not exist in 2022 :)

  2. many airlines suspending flights to Zagreb this winter ! wonder why

    1. Anonymous19:44

      Dude, are you reading the news? Most of the EU is affected!

  3. Anonymous02:19

    Daily flights with Ryanair to London ?
    Well thats better than anything else .
    Flew once with Ryanair to London and i liked them a lot !


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