Ljubljana Airport sees passenger numbers improve


Ljubljana Airport welcomed 38.127 passengers last month, a significant improvement on the disastrous February of 2021 when it handled over 5.000 travellers. The figure is still down by just over 52% on the pre-pandemic 2020 and have decreased 63.8% on February 2019 during which Adria Airways was still in operation. In an encouraging sign, the airport performed better in February, which is the shortest and slowest month of the year, than it did in January. Aircraft movements stood at 1.207, up 26.9% on last year. Overall, during the first two months of the year, Ljubljana Airport welcomed 75.731 travellers through its doors.


  1. Anonymous10:54

    Still 50% below pre-Covid numbers. Poor result considering most other are at just 30% below pre-Covid.

  2. Anonymous11:12

    April will witness a huge improvement after the resumption of CRL and LTN. Also 6 weekly LGW U2 service will be resumed. So things are getting nice.

    1. Anonymous11:55

      Nothing will get nice for LJU, trust me!


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