Ljubljana Airport set for strong charter season


Ljubljana Airport will boast a significant number of leisure flights this coming summer, with charters becoming an important segment of its operations. Last year, over 20% of Ljubljana Airport’s passengers flew on charters. This year, in cooperation with tour operatos, flights will be chartered to Antalya, Barcelona, Jordan, Madeira, Egypt, Malta, the Greek islands, the Azores, Albania, the Netherlands, Sicily, Iceland and Latvia. Croatia’s Trade Air remains Ljubljana Airport’s main charter operator. Leisure flights from the Slovenian capital will commence from next month.


  1. Anonymous13:57

    Albania? Nice

  2. Anonymous14:38

    Setting up a charter airline for Slovenian market would be profitable, especially as Africa is looking for dry leases in the winter...

    1. Anonymous19:01

      Adria made most of their money on charter, if anything was good in Slovenia with destinations... Charters were

    2. Anonymous07:51

      Haha that's a long story how charter operations were (un)profitable so it's not black & white picture.

  3. Anonymous14:52

    Finally! It took Fraport forever to notice that charters are very important and especially winter ones when there are fewer people travelling to Europe.
    We can expect flights to Zanzibar, Seychelles, Phuket, Sri Lanka, Bali and Sao Tome.

    1. I doubt very much distant flights you listed will ever happen from LJU. Huuuuge diferrence between Barcelona or Antalya on one and Bali and Sao Tome on the other side. TUI is taking good care of distant markets out of Slovenia and Croatia, and Flydubai will not help either with your wishlist

    2. Anonymous18:31

      sorry, I meant SAL airport in Cabo Verde and not Sao Tome. Always mixed those 2 former Portuguese colonies.
      SAL is very popular amongst European carriers:


  4. Anonymous17:09

    Charter with tourists from Latvia to Slovenia? For sure not the other way around unless there is some sport competition.

    1. Air Baltic operates flights to numerous tourist destinations, not only coastal. Both Ryanair and Wizz operate flights to destinations one would never even imagine out of the Baltic states. Their own carriers, which used to be ACMI only or mostly, Avion Express and Smartlynx, started operated their own charter chains during covid scam time to plenty of spots from Riga, Vilnius and Tallin. I see nothing strange in charters between the Baltic and LJU.

  5. Where is Southeast Airlines, the mighty charter airline that should have started charters in June last year?

  6. Anonymous19:14

    I would rather see if they were set for new scheduled routes..

  7. Anonymous11:59

    they published summer timetable.

    Air France Paris double daily (early morning departure)
    Air Montenegro 3 weekly to Podgorica, 4 weekly to Tivat (from June)
    Air Serbia ten weekly to Belgrade, two weekly to Nis
    British Airways five weekly to London Heathrow (from May)
    Brussels Airlines six weekly to Brussels
    EasyJet six weekly to London Gatwick
    Finnair five weekly to Helsinki (from June)
    Flydubai five weekly to Dubai
    Israir Airlines two weekly to Tel Aviv (from June)
    LOT Polish Airlines five weekly to Warsaw
    Lufthansa double daily to Frankfurt and daily to München (from May)
    Swiss International Airlines daily to Zurich,
    Transavia four weekly to Amsterdam,
    Transavia France two weekly to Paris Orly (from April)
    Turkish airlines ten daily to Istanbul
    Wizz Air two weekly to Brussels Charleroi and three weekly to London Luton

    1. Anonymous12:19

      Finnair is 4 weekly, TK is daily and LOT is 6 weekly. Interesting that they don't know how many times per week airlines fly to their own airport.


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